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About Us

We are Quaive, driven by principles, committed to your success.

Established in 2019, our name is a portmanteau of “Quality + Five”. The "Five" being our core principles of Free Creativity, Development Process, Planning & Management, Design History and Craftsmanship.

Our goal is to ensure success via clear communication, a descriptive process, and developing optimal solutions. Every project. Every time.

Clients who trust us

  • Al Attal Real Estate
  • Kuwait National Assembley
  • Alfa Petroleum
  • Tea G
  • Al Ghanim Industries
  • Robin's
  • Coolex
  • Ink Beauty Salon
  • Mood Juice
  • Juiced
  • Tajmeel
  • Kumo
  • ProSports
  • Rasameel
  • Xerox
  • Zoella
  • Al Safat Clothing
  • Inconnu

  • Quaive was very quick to understand what we were looking for and they were accommodating enough to help us bring our vision to life. I would recommend Quaive for individuals or institutions looking to uplift their brand identity.
  • Quaive Studio had a great impact on my business. Through proper follow-ups, open guidance, and their inherent creativity, they built a sound foundation for Kumo and supported me in the journey to establishing it
  • Working with Quaive helped me achieve my branding vision for my business. They are an efficient team that understood my concept and they have great communication.
  • Quaive has truly set a standard, through their clear communication, time efficiency and accuracy to our brief. It was a transformational experience working with the team.
  • Quaive was there for us, when we needed them the most.
  • Noor W. Al-Naqeeb
    Head of Corporate Communications, Rasameel Investments
  • Ahmad Al Ansari
    Founder & Managing Director, Kumo
  • Yousef Al-Roumi
    Founder & Principal Designer/Architect, Inconnu Studio
  • Mariam AlSalem
    Media Specialist, Kuwait National Assembly
  • Reem Al-Tabtabai'e
    Founder, Ink Beauty Salon

360 Degree * Brand From concept to execution Solutions

  • Branding
    • Brand Strategy
    • Brand Visual Identity
    • Brand Verbal Identity
    • Concept Creation
    • Brand Audit
  • Marketing
    • Market Research
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Marketing Campaigns
    • Content Marketing
    • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
    • Social Media Content Creation
    • Social Media Marketing
Branding Agency Kuwait

Our Process

  1. 1
    case study - Research
    In this phase, we seek to understand the overall context, the influencing forces and the unique nature of the brand.
  2. 2
    case study - Strategy
    Next, we experiment with a series of approaches that could be used to solve the outlined challenge.
  3. 3
    case study - Execution
    Finally, we execute our approach and measure it's performance.
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