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About the Kuwait National Assembly

Kuwait's unicameral legislature is the National Assembly. Established in the 1960s, it holds 50 elected members and up to 15 appointed members.

At our first briefing meeting, we were in awe of the magnificence of the structure designed by Jørn Oberg Utzon, the meticulously spacious interior space and the elegance of walking through the pristine hallways.

Government Rebranding

The Challenge

The Challenge was 2-pronged:

In the international arena, every country should stand out. So the first challenge was that the existing identity felt outdated in comparison to it’s global contemporaries.

And secondly, the many sub-departments within KNA had no branding of their, despite their vastly different roles. For instance, the Media Department was sharing its identity with Finance Department which led to confusion within the projects space.

Kuwait Branding

After the initial qualification process, we were selected to develop the new visual identity of KNA.

Brand Stationary Design
Premium Stationary Design

Our Solution

Expand the horizon, and then narrow it down to what is truly remarkable.

This lead to several workshop meetings with the management of the National Assembly, wherein we learned their preferences and exchanged ideas on where the identity could be taken to. Moreover, we shared with our client, several references to ensure that all the stakeholders are working from a common ground.

We then extended the visual directions only to then narrow it down to what best suits the stature of our client. This part of our process aids in expanding the horizons of what’s possible and prevents falling into overdone formulas.

Event Design
Stationary Design

Additionally, we held a Brand Identity Workshop with the team that was responsible for the printing and execution of the project.


Color Coded, Sub Department Stationary Design

Digital Branding

The Impact

We accomplished the objective of an elevated brand identity on a global level. And we also ensured that every department is differentiated, while being cohesive with the larger identity of KNA.

Branding AgencyBranding Agency
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