• Role
    Branding, Creative Direction, Visual Identity
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  • Niche
    Bespoke Furniture & Fixtures


Communicating to a Niche

The word “Inconnu” is French for “Unknown”. A concept created by an acclaimed Kuwaiti architect and interior designer for his line of bespoke furniture.

Inspired by the works of Walter Gropius, Richard Serra, and Donald Judd - Inconnu aimed to craft luxury furniture, made in Kuwait. The approach to furniture was akin to that of haute couture, with a seasonal collection of new pieces.

Branding Luxury Furniture

The Challenge

The looming problem was, Inconnu had a name, but no visuals to stand for that name. Moreover, it had an audience, but how do you communicate to a niche who’s tastes are ever changing?

Brand Guideline

Our Solution


We derived from the visual language present in the works of Bauhaus, Brutalism, Scandinavian Minimalism, and Mid-Century Design, and translated that to the visual identity of Inconnu.

The process was to discover, deconstruct and transcribe. We sought the key elements seen in our inspirations, deconstruct them to their simplest forms, and render them visible in our art direction for the brand of Inconnu.

Brand Visual Identity

The Impact

Inconnu now has clear and consistent branding, along with a guideline that influences it’s photography, social media content and beyond.

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