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    Creative Direction & Video Production
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    Oil & Gas


We helped Alfa Plus subscribers to recoignize the feature of their card through a commerical.

Alfa, owned by Soor Fuel Marketing Company, are one of the leading petroleum companies in the country. It’s customer oriented approach has strengthened it’s place in the industry, as well as made it a reliable brand for people to trust.

Alfa also pays close attention to the environmental impact of it’s activities via techniques that prevent the leakage of fuel into the environment. Thus introduced Alfa plus to help customers monitor their fuel expenses.

Commercial Videography

About AlfaPay

A flexible and versatile Payment solution for all your fueling needs.

The new technology, based on computer chips, has the potential to completely modernize the act of fueling - which has remained largely the same since the invention of cars. Alfa Plus Card provides an extensive array of features to control, monitor and optimize your fuel spending.

The technology works in simple steps: an RFID chip is fitted onto to the fuel tank opening with a complementing chip on the Nozzle attachment of the petrol pump. Upon contact, the user is seamlessly verified by the central pump controller, and fuel is released.

Creative Direction

The Challenge

Creating awareness and interest about AlfaPlus card.

Alfa had introduced the Alfa Plus card, which allows both individuals and companies to pay for fuel in a more convinient way as well as monitor their expenses thus optimize fuel spending.

Such innovative initiative needed peoples attention in order to work and for that there was a need of creating awareness and interest among it's holders and potential subscribers.

Motion Graphics

Our Solution

"Show, don't tell". Using this idea we developed a commercial that portrays the ease of using AlfaPay when refueling.

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Videography & Video Editing
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