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Tea G

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    Food & Beverage


An elevated gifting experience

Tea G approached us with the request to redesign their gift boxes to be more attractive yet consistent within the International brand identity of Tea G.


A balance of Identity & Taste

Tea G felt that their gift box packaging felt dull and outdated. Beyond that, they also recognized that the gift boxes do not cater to the local taste and aesthetics.

Packaging Design
Brand & Packaging Design

Our Solution

Contemporary Gifting

We believe that gifting is one of the truest human traits; one of the many ways we show appreciation to the ones we admire. As such, we worked to ensure that when one receives a gift box from Tea G, they feel appreciated — first and foremost.

Using the guidelines of Tea G as a launch pad, we sought to elevate the gifting experience while keeping a local touch. We used the brand color palette to create four distinct boxes: Matcha Box with a new interior, Winter Tea Collection and two simple gift boxes to be used for any purpose. We suggested some elements to be a gold foil for a sense of tactility and refinement.

Packaging Design Kuwait
Gift Box Design
Branding & Packaging

The Final Touch

As the final touch, we collaborated with Comma to include a letter detailing the history of Tea G and the role of gifting in Kuwait’s culture; in order to create interest in the brand of Tea G. This can be a way to market the brand of Tea G, even after the transaction is complete.

Copywriting Verbal Identity

Our Impact

Tea G’s gift boxes were very well received by both corporations as well as individuals seeking to create unique gifts for their purposes.

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