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    Rebranding, Brand Guideline, Visual Identity
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    Investment Management


A Brand, unified.

Rasameel Investments approached us to uplift and unify their brand identity.

Their concern was that their brand felt outdated and not up to mark in Kuwait today.

Rebranding is an Art

Brand Guideline

The Challenge

Rebranding is keeping the future in mind while respecting the past.

We treat Rebranding differently than Branding. One is starting, the other is restarting. The challenge for every brand when shifted their identity is to retain their recognition and reputation, while being prepared for the future.

The challenge lies in developing a cohesive identity which retains its recognition while being contemporary.

Logo Design

Our Solution

The Logo, only the beginning.

We began with adjusting the logo to represent the bar chart that is all too familiar for an investor. We replaced the extenders of the Rasameel name to instead represent these bars.

A full brand framework was established and collaterals such as business cards, letterheads, were designed along with email signatures, social media templates, and presentation templates.

Brand Guideline
Branding Kuwait

Our Impact

We ensured the consistency of the brand across collaterals, while refining the existing brand presence.

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