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How Marketing Can Survive Over Crisis

We’ve ping-ponged about how we can keep-up our team communication & external communication as well. There is no doubt that the past two years have greatly changed our mindsets. People all over the world spent their time at home relying on social media platforms, the ultimate device for freedom, to stay connected to the world outside. All the shutdowns have forced marketers to adopt a whole new range of trends to stay up to date and follow the new normal. The content that previously aimed to gain the consumers’ attention, changed into an emotional and authentic content that show concern about their safety, health and welfare in the first place.


Digitalisation wiped out the old order. Digital marketing radically changed the nature of marketing. After being accustomed to working in offices and face-to-face meetings, doing business in-person, marketers faced one major rapid shift. “Change can be tough, but I’ve never heard anyone say it wasn’t worth it,” says Dr. Carol S. Dweck in her book “Mindset”. With keeping the basics, trust and integrity, marketers depended on digital marketing tools such as websites, social media, mobile ads and apps, online videos, email, blogs and other digital platforms needed to be used to engage customers everywhere, anytime. As for the internal marketing, employees needed reassurances and to feel valued in order to show their highest productivity and engagement in fulfilling their jobs. Video conferencing, webcams and messaging services, and virtual coffee breaks replaced the routine office meeting to keep the team spirit alive and lift the mood.

Marketing and businesses survival

Some services aren’t built to withstand a pandemic. Marketing helped house-based services businesses such as ladies’ salons to keep a steady stream of income and stay in touch with their clients. Hosting virtual parties and tutorials to teach people how to do things themselves at home helped in retailing manicure and pedicure (DIY) tools kit in addition to masks and scrubs. Marketers helped such businesses offer their clients personalized experiences; not only a seamless digital transaction. The applied strategies included dealing with local influencers, refreshing the websites, social media, offering discounts, digital confirmations and reminders, discount loyalty programs, and occasion promotions. What a dramatic new phase it was! The pandemic restructured marketing to follow the impressive change in the clients’ new awareness towards shopping and spending. A high-level experience that went far beyond geographic boundaries in which the perspective of the customers was above all.


The pandemic has imposed essential tips that marketers needed to apply during the past couple of years. First, marketers now know that communicating with the customers and showing empathy, amid the emotional chaos and instability they felt of, is one of the key tips during such a global crisis. Second, knowing the customers and creating a content that answers their questions to help them cope with the new way of living, is considered a great opportunity that helpsmarketers go through the pandemic safely. At last but not least, focusing on planning for the post-pandemic period is essential because customers now expect marketers to have exactly what they want, instead of hoping they have what they want.

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