Mood Juice

Mood Juice

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    Branding, Research & Concept Creation
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    Food & Beverage


Detox for your mind.

We've heard of Detox Juices that help to cleanse your body. But what if there was a drink that does the same for your Mind?

Enter Mood Juice: The non-chemical, fully organic and great tasting alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.

Packaging Design

The Challenge

To find the ingredients that have consistently displayed mood-lifting benefits, and presenting them in a visual identity that reflects their organic nature.

Branding & Visual Identity

Our Solution

After working closely with renowned nutritionists on the R&D phase, we then moved on the design phase where we developed a packaging reminiscent of a medical prescription - but with an organic twist.

Food & Beverage Packaging Design
Brand Guideline

The Impact

Our concept's IP was bought and is being introduced to the market.

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