Meena Dental Clinic

Meena Dental Clinic

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A dental clinic; with purpose.

Meena Dental Clinic started its life as an idea. An idea shared by 6 friends. All dentists, they sought to create a more friendly, more sustainable dental clinic. They aspire to change patients’ perception about how painful dental procedure is. They adopt a more easy-going approach by building a relationship between the doctor and the patient.

Quaive Creative Studio was asked to design the Meena Brand Identity, along with a comprehensive Brand Guideline.

Branding, Logo Design, Visual Identity Kuwait

To visually differentiate the clinic.

Starting from the Brand Values, to communicate it via the Identity.

During our briefing sessions, we delved deeper into the brand values that should be communicated visually. We believe that starting from the brand values clarifies what needs to be communicated through Design.

While this was happening, we also conducted research into the global and local health industries. This gave us a clear path on what to utilize and what to avoid.

Branding in Kuwait

Our Solution

While the original name was ‘Mena’, we suggested adding an extra ‘e’ to make it ‘Meena’. This communicated a friendlier feel, both visually and verbally.

Upon studying their planned services, we advised on and created a separate color palette and layout for their Pediatric Department. The colors were chosen specifically to be calming towards children as they are normally the ones that feel most afraid of dental treatments.

The rest of the color palette was developed to communicate friendliness, calmness while maintaining professionalism. The logo is bespoke bilingual LogoType, and the typography for the brand was developed accordingly.

Typography Brand
Dental Clinic Visual Identity

We used the negative space of ‘Meem’ within the Arabic LogoType as a graphic element. This oval shape is present in most brand collaterals.

Visual Identity DesignVisual Identity Design

A comprehensive Brand Guideline

After the Branding was finalized, we worked on the Brand Guideline. Which included Logo Usage, Typography, Graphic Elements, and also a Social Media Art Direction.

Art Direction

Our Impact

Meena is now established as a full-service Dental Clinic. The clients feel our work absolutely communicated their brand values.

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