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    Creative Direction, Production, Videography
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    Health & Wellness


An Award-Winning Video

A few months before Ramadan 19, Tajmeel had a problem. The competition in their niche was heating up, with rivals undercutting their prices.

The management of Tajmeel knew that while everyone wants more for less, there is just no substitute for quality. And so began our project.

The Challenge

Increase the Brand Awareness of Tajmeel, based on Quality and not Price.

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Our Solution

Our process was based on the psychographics of the audience of Tajmeel.

Our approach was that of a comparison. We highlighted the risk of a procedure at Tajmeel's low priced competitors; the risk of an unprofessional staff, shoddy techniques, and irreversible damage to the body. This was based on weeks of preliminary research into the psychographics and demographics of the prime audience of Tajmeel.

We worked on the proven notion that human beings make most decisions based on emotions rather than logic. This fact influenced our process greatly and helped us frame the key messages more precisely.

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The Impact

Client expectations were met and exceeded.

Not only did this video win the prestigious Arab Media Forum Award for Advertising Creativity, but we achieved the client's objective of measurable increase in leads and brand awareness.

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