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Our approach to Product Promotion was based on Lifestyle Photography

ProSports approached us with a unique challenge. While they were a homegrown business with links across the Kuwait Athletic & Sports landscape, their Instagram account did not reflect this.

Beyond this discrepancy with their image, there was also the issue of the singular focus on products only, and not people. It needed to localize and humanize.

Photography, Art Direction

Our Solution

A Comprehensive Content Strategy.

We developed a content strategy that focused foremost on adding the missing human element into the imagery of ProSports to humanize & appeal to their prime audience and sports enthusiasts.

This involved understanding the prime audience and attracting them to the account, developing a persona for ProSports along with a tone of voice, color palettes, and typography.



Making a bigger, more inclusive community.

We sought to utilize the existing network of athletes of ProSports and further expand that network to be more inclusive. Through consistent art direction, we ensured that all content communicated the persona of ProSports.

This was complimented by strategic copywriting and call to action that inspired the audience - whether that was to make a purchase or simply do one more pushup.

Graphic DesignGraphic Design

PR Outreach: A cohesive whole

The right influencer, for the right niche.

To further identify with the audience of ProSports, we identified a list of key influencers to be the various faces of the company. From the Kuwaiti National Football Team to Yogis to Crossfit Champions, each was selected based on their reach and the overlap between their content and that of ProSports.

Yoga Photography
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The Role of Insights & Data

Using insights and data, we analyzed each post and interaction to ensure that the content was meeting the objectives we set.

This allowed us to delve deep into the content and apply this knowledge within the content creation process.

Art Direction for Social Media
Lifestyle/Action PhotographyLifestyle/Action Photography

The Impact

ProSports achieved its goals of its social media content reflecting its truly local and community-driven value.

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