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    Creative Direction, Packaging Design
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    Food & Beverage


Context is key.

Grano is a popular Italian street restaurant located in the heart of Kuwait City. They're famous for the fresh Italian food inspired by authentic recipes.

They requested our expertise in packaging design to create their frozen pizzas for retail. Our objective was to ensure the packaging looked appealing to consumers while also communicating the handcrafted nature of Grano’s food.

From Restaurant to Retail

Crafting Grano's Retail Expansion

While Grano is a popular restaurant, they were seeking to launch their products in a new vertical; frozen groceries.

As such, our challenge was to communicate the essence of the brand in an entirely new context.

Packaging Design Kuwait

Our Solution

Distilling the essence of Grano.

Creative Direction and Branding Kuwait

Our Process

At Quaive, our process starts with discovery. In which we understand the brand as seen by the Brand Owner. This helps us to communicate visually what is intangible.

Packaging Kuwait

The next step

Building an immediate connection with the buyer.

During our research, we discovered that most packaging of similar products are loud and bold. Keeping in mind this context, we decided to use only two colors and two typefaces. For the Pizza, we also cutout a semi-circular window to show the pizza.This helps the customer to have an instant connection with the food rather than see a stock image on the box, which does not reflect the final product.

As for their signature pocket pizza, we applied the same art direction and layout in a smaller box.

Brand Identity Kuwait

Our Impact

Grano successfully launched their frozen pizzas in a competitive new vertical.

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