Play Pause

Play Pause

  • Role
    Branding & Concept Creation
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  • Niche
    Food & Beverage, Retail


Reinventing on-the-go eatables packaging.

In the 21st Century, we are defined by our constant movement. Whether its pushing a text to a friend or flipping our hairstyle overnight.

Many of our meals are consumed on the go; on streets, cabs or on our way to work. But what if we still have some unfinished food left?

The scenario

A visit to a local grocery store to buy on-the-go food.

On a visit to a grocery store, our Creative Director was tempted by a sandwich to have on the go. After the KNET Machine had sounded off the familiar ding. He picked it up and began eating it on his way to work.

However, halfway through the sandwich, he had fulfilled his appetite, but one slice remained. And now, he had no place to store it and keep it fresh.

The Challenge

On-the-go eatables go stale quickly after opening the packaging, making it harder to store unfinished food.

Our Solution

The concept of Play & Pause - Compartmentalized sandwich

Communicating this to the design team, we worked together to develop a compartmentalized sandwich. Eat only as much as you desire and save rest for later.

Our creative team have always leveraged the power of creativity solve problems, even if it starts with an innovative on-the-go sandwich packaging.

We believe that when we are on the move, interesting things tend to happen.

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