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The quest to help Al Safat establish itself.

Al Safat Store is the oldest traditional wear retail store for men in Kuwait. Founded in 1988, for over three decades, it has provided high quality clothing for men and children of all ages.

The project included art direction, typography, photography, graphic design, videography, photography and copywriting.

Social Media Lifestyle PhotographySocial Media Lifestyle Photography

The Challenge

How can you sell a product on Instagram, without espousing it's benefits on every post?

Graphic Design for Social Media

The Solution

The bond between a Kuwaiti Father and Son

To differentiate Safat from the other traditional clothing stores, we developed an art direction that focuses on a traditional lifestyle, the strong bond between father and son and imagery of Kuwait, seen from the perspective of a child, coming of age.

We constantly asked ourselves fundamental questions "Who is this brand for?", "If this brand was a person, what would he do, where would he go?" and even "What kind of music does this brand listen to?"

Social Media PhotographySocial Media Photography
Art Direction

Safat: A window into the past

We used archived vintage photos, showing the state of Kuwait as it once was. From Kuwait Towers still under construction to photos of the Souq.

“The Rectangle” represents Safat as the audience's “window into the past”. It is overlain on old photos, and looks as if its floating on top of the photo, to remind the viewer of the window.

Graphic Design Agency

The Impact

Within the local fashion industry, Safat has emerged and established itself as leagues above it's competition.

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