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    Food & Beverage


Soft Serve, with a Japanese Twist.

In the summer of 2018, Soft Serve Ice Cream was on everyone's Instagram Story. Seeing this, we sought to capitalize on this trend with a concept. And so, Kumo 雲 was born. From Japanese, this translates to Cloud.

As a team, we were immediately on board with the name, the minute it came up in our brainstorm session. After all, it made a lot of sense; doesn't a fresh cup of Soft Serve look just like a cloud?

Food & Beverage Branding

The Challenge

To ensure that every facet of Kumo's Visual Identity is minimal but also has a flair of fun imbued in it.

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Business Card & Stationary Design

Our Solution

Taking inspiration from Vintage Japanese Graphic Design.

Within our collective mental archives, we discovered Vintage Graphic Design from Japan. Deconstructing the visual language to it's most bare form, was the foundation of our illustrations for the branding.

We coupled these illustrations with generous amounts of negative space, a pure Black & White color palette, and humanist typography.

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Cafe Branding

The Impact

Upon introduction of the concept to one of our clients, he chose to purchase the IP of Kumo on the spot so he could launch it. Today, the concept lives in reality in Khairan.

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