Project Management

How to: Fail in your next project

Avoiding these common pitfalls in your process will make sure that your projects meet the requirements, and are on time, every time.

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Teamwork makes it all work.

Someone wise once said that a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. And this is no different when it comes to building a team. Assemble your team and ensure that tasks are laid out with clarity, there is ample communication, the roles of each member are assigned, and that you are able to measure the overall performance of the team. But like most things, a team working well together is seldom obvious. It is a team that doesn't work well that is really evident. So, a fine tuned team will work wonders for your process and your reputation.

The worst plan is no plan.

Within our organizational philosophy, one core principle is Planning. Planning to us is a pervasive activity that has ensured our efficiency on all of our projects. When you receive the go-ahead for a project, sit down and go over the scope once more. A good project manager knows the scope of work inside and out. Based on this, you can form an action plan. A plan that is specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and timely. A good plan also allows your team to know the precise milestones expected of them and self evaluate their process.

Measure seven times, cut once.

This last point works in tandem with our previous point. But while having a good plan is the foundation, the manner of your execution matters too! Before you commit an action, understand your role in the larger picture. This makes sure you know your own personal impact on the project while also keeping in mind the gravity of the responsibility. Whether you're a photographer on a monthly content shoot or the art director giving feedback on branding identity, if you have a question, ask your team. Sometimes the best thing you can do is communicate.

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